Celebrating the New Year of the Trees

Hi!  So we just finished celebrating a Jewish holiday that is probably most related to this blog, so I want to talk a little bit about it.  The holiday is called Tu B’Shvat and it is the New Year of … Continue reading

What We Should Be Doing With Food Waste

eHey lovelies!  So branching off from my last post about vegetarianism and veganism, I am now eating a ton more fruit and vegetables!  That means I have a lot more peels, seeds, and organic waste that are begging to be put to … Continue reading

Why Volunteering Can Be More Beneficial Than You Think

Okay, so I mentioned in passing a few weeks ago that I’ve been volunteering at an organic farm in my city now for a few months!  Well, I’m finally going to elaborate on that because I think it deserves some attention.  The … Continue reading

Why We Should Take a Closer Look at Feminine Products

Ok ladies and gents (but mostly ladies), it’s time to get educated about feminine hygiene products!  Sounds fun, right!? …Right?!  Okay, I know it’s not the most sexy thing out there, but it is super important to understand how your … Continue reading

How to Benefit the Planet and Your Health at the Same Time

So after a few fun posts, I want to get back on track with the Go Green Challenge!  I was inspired to write this after recently making a change in my diet and becoming a pescatarian (I don’t eat meat, … Continue reading

How to Get Free Food from Your Neighborhood

Last week my husband, Jojo, and I did some olive harvesting through a community event hosted by the urban farm, Earth’s Promise, here in Beer Sheva. I’ve been volunteering with this farm for the past couple months and will soon post in … Continue reading

Last Chance to Watch “Before the Flood” for Free!

I just finished watching a powerful documentary about climate change!  Before the Flood, produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, highlights the reasons why it is so important we take action to develop clean energy solutions NOW!  It will be available to watch for … Continue reading

Post-Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

How was everyone’s Halloween!?  I myself went to two parties (despite the fact that Israel doesn’t actually celebrate Halloween).  One of the parties I dressed up as one of my idols, Katniss Everdeen!  She’s badass and revolutionary. I particularly had fun … Continue reading

Green Halloween!!

  Halloween is probably one of the best holidays ever!   Who doesn’t like getting free candy, dressing up, and watching spooky movies?? (kid’s movies, that is, I can’t deal with actual scary movies).  But among all of the ghoulish … Continue reading

Magical Fairytale Summer

I haven’t written a personal blog in a while, and I feel like my experiences this summer are a perfect place to get back in to it.  The summer started with our wedding, or as I called my Pinterest board, the … Continue reading